Saturday 28 February 2009

Homage to Franz Kline

Just thought I would post this quick!! I painted this piece during my PGCE course in a painting workshop which we could potentially teach to KS5 students. I had looked at the work of Franz Kline, a key component of the Abstract Expressionist movement in America and a personal favourite of mine. His work is highly influenced by architectural and industrial icons prominent in New York around the 1940/50's. I painted this piece with a household paintbrush and it was very freeing to work on such a large scale.

Saturday 7 February 2009

Art in Woodstock

During the October half term, I was selected to exhibit 2 of my smaller scaffolding paintings in an art festival in the market town of Woodstock, 8 miles north of Oxford. Woodstock is home to Blenheim Palace, the birth place of Sir Winston Churchill in 1874 who is now buried in the nearby Bladon churchyard. It is also said that whilst Mary I was in power, Elizabeth I was kept prisoner here when a princess in the gatehouse of Woodstock Manor for over a year as a 'precaution'.

Art in Woodstock itself is an annual visual arts festival, with over 70 artists exhibiting this year at various sites around the town. I really enjoyed this experience and it was made all the more memorable when helping one of my fellow Brookes artists set up her work I met a family from Chester who had recognised my accent. Anyone who knows me will know that this fact alone is enough to get me excited as you don't meet many people who have even heard of Chester, let alone FROM Chester around Oxford. After the whole "I KNOW HOOLE ROAD!!!"and "NOT THE RAKE AND PIKEL!!!" etc etc we started talking about schools and to cut a long story very short, they knew MY DAD!!!!!!!!!! It was so bizzare, I thought they were pulling my leg, but NO. They were not!!! It is such a small world and an experience I will never forget!!

Sunday 1 February 2009

A Painting for Helen, Tom and Baby Benjamin :)

Well with February kicking off today, I thought it was about time I posted something new on this blog! I cannot believe it was June the last time I wrote something; it has gone in the blink of an eye! Things have been moving very quickly here and with my second school placement underway, I cannot see it slowing down anytime soon. That said, I am enjoying every second and feel like I am learning something new everyday :)

I have included a painting I completed last year as a gift for some family friends. It is a lot more abstract than the previous work shown on here and also a lot more colourful! I really enjoy painting in this way and hope it looks fab in their house!!